leading beyond incarceration

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Watch Ben’s touching testimonial on the impact of LOT JI

LOT JI Graduates As Of Spring 2023

Recommended & Supported Key Community Leaders

  • Chief of Police – Jon Thum
  • Mayor Paul TenHaken
  • Minnehaha States Attorney – Daniel Haggar
  • Drug and DUI court Judges
Skills, relationships, and Confidence

What Makes LOT JI So Special?

We could tell you, but we’d rather show you. Take a few minutes to get to know a few of our graduates, Ben and Raelyn, who are now stepping up to lead others who have come down the same path.

We define leadership as the ability to influence others, which means that all have the ability and the capacity to lead.

Our graduates of LOT JI have a higher rate of success in graduating diversion, probation, and drug/DUI court processes, and they report more success with sobriety, and employment after completing the program.

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Creating Networks for Change

LOT JI is 16 weeks of learning in a classroom-style environment.

Topics focus on personal and professional development of skills, and mindset changes in order to give participants tools with which they can impact their own lives and the communities they live in.

Each attendee must commit to showing up to at least 80% of the class sessions and is encouraged to stay engaged with the community of graduates after the fact.

Applications for our next cohort will open in June 2024.