Developing Tomorrow’s Leaders, Today

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LOT Graduates As Of Spring 2023


Report being promoted or making a vertical career move since participating in LOT


Report becoming involved with the community when they were not previously

The Leaders of Tomorrow exists to develop tomorrow's leaders, today. In order to impact the people and communities around us, it takes intentional and passionate leaders. We believe leaders are built.

Together we rise by lifting others

LOT Empowers Leaders

Every person holds within them the ability to be a leader and the power to influence those around them positively. The Leaders of Tomorrow (LOT) program challenges participants to better themselves by focusing on skills, relationships, and confidence. Throughout a 12-week course, leaders are given tools that promote growth and encourage empathetic, inclusive problem-solving that is transparent, collaborative, and solution-driven.

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Leaders go first

Accredited Leadership Program

Anyone can be a Leader of Tomorrow, but we are especially interested in those who are seeking deep personal growth and professional development. The objective of this program is to help provide each individual with the skills, confidence, and a network of relationships so they can lead effectively.

LOT directed Cohorts

Justice Impacted

Those in the Justice Impacted community understand the struggle and it’s often this understanding that gives them the superpower of radical acceptance of others. It’s the definition of lifting others to rise and it’s often in the space we see new paths carved and impact beyond words.

Next Gen

There is no greater investment we can make as a community than in that of our youth. When we can empower the next generation with the tools and confidence to boldly create their own bright future we have ensured the success of generations to come.

Success Stories

The LOT program helps people find their inspiration, and their personal definition of success and align their vision and their actions to become the best version of themselves.


We won’t reach our full potential without coming together to lift one another. Bridging the Gap exists to empower our community one person at a time to become the best they can be for themselves, their families, and the community. We rise by lifting others but only together can we lift. Join us.